Founded in 2010, German Energy Capital GmbH & Co. KG (“GEC”) is a privately-held company with offices in Cologne and Munich. GEC is the exclusive business development and investor relations partner of Beowulf Energy LLC (“Beowulf”) in Europe. The founding shareholders of GEC have over 40 years of experience in the energy industry, family office operations, and as advisors to institutional investors.

Beowulf is a private, independent infrastructure holding company that develops, acquires, owns, and operates infrastructure facilities worldwide and holds offices in New York, Maryland, California, and Trinidad. Beowulf has specific expertise in power generation, midstream and downstream oil & gas, and other energy-related industrial businesses (e.g., fertilizer, refining and heavy oil upgrading, petrochemicals, shipping, and commodities). Over its 20+ year history, Beowulf has developed, owned, and/or operated over $6 billion of energy infrastructure assets worldwide. Beowulf is led by its founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Paul B. Prager.

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